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Content-Rich Reviews for Informed Dining Decisions
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Interactive Food Maps

Discover hidden gems and popular eateries through an interactive map. Pin and share your favorite spots with the Fooday community.

Photo-Driven Experiences

Use the in-app camera to snap and share your dining experiences. Showcase your food adventures with beautiful, engaging visuals.

Connect with Fellow Foodies

Follow other users, exchange tips, and share your culinary discoveries. Build your foodie network and community within Fooday.

Authentic Feedback, Instantly

Post and read reviews in real-time. Experience the latest dining trends and opinions as they happen.

Tailored to Your Taste

Get recommendations based on your preferences and past reviews. Fooday learns what you love, guiding you to your next great meal.

Eat and Play

Participate in exciting challenges and missions. Earn rewards, badges, and titles that showcase your status and achievements in the Fooday universe.


  • Fake 5-star Reviews

    Customers are bribed by restaurants with coupons, discounts, etc to write positive reviews on online platforms to mislead other potential customers.

  • No Incentive to Leave Reviews

    Writing a post takes time and effort. Even when people do, they usually leave a simple review without rich content, which is generally not helpful to others.

  • Review Bombs by Media Framing

    The news or public sentiment sometimes influences people to leave emotional negative comments on the store, even though they have never eaten there.

Embark on a Fooday Journey

Discover & Create Culinary Hotspots

Contribute to a Richer Food Map

Share detailed information about your favorite dining spots. The more comprehensive your contribution, the more Fudos you earn. Your insights help fellow foodies and enhance the Fooday experience.

Real, On-Site Reviews

Authenticity at Its Core

With our in-app camera's location detection, we ensure your reviews are real and on-site. Say goodbye to review bombs and hello to genuine, trustworthy feedback.

Dive into a world of authentic reviews from fellow foodies. Make informed choices and steer clear of disappointing dining experiences by relying on these real, on-the-ground insights.

Community-Driven Validation

Your Voice Matters

Play a crucial role in maintaining the platform's integrity. Challenge inaccuracies and participate in verification votes to earn Fudos.

Your involvement is key to a reliable and accurate Fooday community.

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Gamify Your Food Journey

Achieve, Flaunt, and Inspire

Embark on challenging missions to earn prestigious titles and exclusive badges. Flaunt your achievements and inspire envy among the Fooday community.

It's not just about dining; it's about conquering culinary quests!

By offering these solutions, Fooday aims to provide Foodies with a more trustworthy and accurate source of information, helping them discover the best food experiences and connect with like-minded individuals in the process.

  • Truthful
  • Helpful
  • Validated
  • Rewardable

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