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If you own a Fooca Camera, engaging in community contributions is the fastest way to earn Fudos. Below, we'll explain the limits and Fudos rewards for each contribution action.

🏠 Create Spot

When creating a spot, foodies need to be near the restaurant and upload photos of the exterior or interior ambiance. The more comprehensive the restaurant information you provide when adding a spot, the more Fudos you can earn. Even foodies who don't dine out can create spots while taking a stroll!

📓 Review

While reviewing a spot, you don't need to be near the restaurant, but you must upload dining photos. Please note that photos cannot be uploaded from your local gallery; they must be selected from the Fooday album. This signifies that you've dined on-site and used the Fooca Camera to capture the moment.


We recommend foodies use the Fooca Camera to document their dining experiences. Even if you don't publish the review immediately, you can always add the review later with the dining photos!

👷 Update Spot

If there are changes in restaurant information such as operating hours or address, foodies can help update the spot and receive update rewards.

🚨 Report

If you come across any incorrect information, inappropriate content, or irrelevant details, you can choose to report the spot or review. Reports will enter a verification voting process, where Fooday will randomly select other foodies to participate in the vote. If the report is successful, you will receive the Fudos the reported foodie earned from the spot or review.

ContributionsEnergy ConsumptionBattery Consumption*Max Fudos
Review4 Energy10% Battery45 Fudos
Create Spot3 Energy5% Battery12 Fudos
Update Spot1 EnergyNo consumption1 Fudos
Report1 Energy2% Battery**Original Fudos value of Review/Spot

*The maximum Fudos you can earn mentioned above is the basic reward before any Fooca Camera bonuses. The final maximum Fudos you can earn may vary depending on Fooca Camera attribute bonuses, Energy and Battery consumption.

**For instance, if the reported foodie has a higher camera level and had previously earned 55 Fudos from that review, you will receive 55 Fudos upon successful report.

Bonus: Cast Your Vote

In addition to the four types of contributions mentioned earlier, there's another community behavior that can earn you Fudos: assisting in verification voting.

Even if you don't have a Fooca camera, as long as you're a user, you have the "voting rights." When someone initiates a report, the system will randomly select users to assist in verification voting.

If you're chosen and end up being in the majority in the vote, you can earn 1 Fudos as a reward.