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What is Fooday?


Welcome to Fooday, the game-changing restaurant review platform! We are excited to announce that Fooday is much more than just a place to leave reviews — it’s a community-driven platform where foodies can not only share their experiences but also create and discover new dining spots.

With Fooday, users can not only post their reviews and ratings on various criteria, such as food quality, service, atmosphere, and value for money but also create a listing for their favorite restaurant or a new dining spot they’ve discovered. These listings are then added to the Fooday map, making it easy for other users to find and visit the restaurant.

Fooday leverages the latest in web3 technology, including tokenomics and peer-to-peer validation, to provide a new level of accuracy and reliability in the world of restaurant reviews. And with GPS technology, Fooday ensures that users are actually at the restaurant they are reviewing, providing an extra layer of trust to the review process.

Today’s Problems

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Current restaurant review platforms have several major issues that can negatively impact the user experience. Some of the biggest problems include:

  • Inaccurate Reviews: Many restaurant review platforms are plagued by fake reviews, either written by the restaurants themselves or paid individuals. This can make it difficult for users to get a true sense of what a restaurant is really like.

  • Bias: Some restaurant review platforms are biased towards certain restaurants, either due to advertising relationships or other factors. This can make it difficult for users to get an impartial assessment of a restaurant.

  • Lack of Trust: With so many fake and biased reviews, it can be difficult for users to trust the information they find on restaurant review platforms. This can lead to frustration and a sense of disillusionment with the review process.

  • Outdated Information: Restaurants and their offerings can change quickly, but traditional review platforms may not reflect these changes in a timely manner. This can lead to outdated information and a poor user experience.

  • Lack of Incentive: Many restaurant review platforms do not provide a compelling reason for users to leave detailed, accurate reviews. This can result in a lack of information and a limited pool of reviews to draw from.

Our Solutions

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Fooday offers several solutions to the problems faced by current restaurant review platforms, including the integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a way to level-up and customize a Foodie’s profile, as well as serving as collateral to ensure good behavior:

  • Tokenomics: Fooday’s unique tokenomics system rewards users for their contributions, but only after they have acquired an NFT.

  • Verification and P2P Validation: Fooday’s platform also features a verification system and p2p validation, ensuring that all reviews are genuine and unbiased. This helps to provide Foodies with trustworthy and accurate information.

  • Real-time Information: Fooday’s platform is designed to be dynamic and responsive, allowing Foodies to quickly and easily share updates and new information about restaurants. This ensures that the information provided is always up-to-date and relevant.

  • Community-driven: Fooday is built for Foodies, by Foodies. Our platform is designed to foster a community of passionate food enthusiasts who are eager to share their experiences and help others discover great food. This creates a positive, supportive environment where Foodies can connect and engage with each other.

  • NFTs: Fooday’s NFTs serve multiple purposes. They can be used to level-up and customize a Foodie’s profile, showcasing their personality and expertise within the community. Additionally, NFTs can also serve as collateral, ensuring that Foodies act in good faith and maintain the integrity of the platform. Any Foodie found to be in violation of the platform’s guidelines may have their NFT impacted as a result.

By offering these solutions, Fooday aims to provide Foodies with a more trustworthy and accurate source of information, helping them discover the best food experiences and connect with like-minded individuals in the process.

In conclusion, Fooday solves the problems of traditional restaurant review platforms while rewarding foodies for their contributions. By leveraging web3 technology, including tokenomics and GPS verification, Fooday provides accurate and reliable restaurant reviews. Foodies can leave detailed reviews, discover new dining spots, and connect with other food enthusiasts, all while earning rewards in the form of Food Coins. Join the Fooday community today and experience a better way to discover great food experiences.