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Referral System

Fooday has implemented a referral system to encourage its users to invite friends to join Fooday and become Foodies by purchasing the Fooca Camera, allowing users to earn additional rewards.

Invitation code program

Within the Fooday app, users have the option to explore the platform without logging in. However, to gain full access and start Eat & Earn, users must enter an invitation code during the sign-up process.


Each invitation code involves a two-step mission for its application:

Mission 1: Invite a friend to join Fooday

Mission 2: The invited friend becomes a Foodie and contributes at least once

  • As you level up, you'll receive 1 extra invitation code.
  • Each invitation code consists of a unique 7-digit combination of alphabets and numerals.
  • Each invitation code is eligible for claiming the rewards of "Mission 1" and "Mission 2" once.
  • Invitation codes can only be used once, so share wisely.
  • You'll receive the 10x Reward for "Mission 2" only when your invited friends contribute once with a Fooca Camera.
  • You must have a Foodie identity to claim mission rewards. If you are not a Foodie at mission completion, you cannot claim mission rewards, and past missions cannot be retroactively claimed. (If you don't have any Fooca cameras in your wallet or all your Fooca cameras are listed for sale in the marketplace, you are not considered a Foodie.)
  • Fooday reserves the right to modify campaign features and specifications without prior notice.

How to Obtain an Invitation Code to become a signed-up Foodie?

Some has to share their invitation code with you so that you can apply the invitation code to proceed your sign-up process. Follow the Fooday social media to get the latest available inviation code shared by other Foodies.