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In Fooday, there are two ways to acquire a Fooca camera:

  1. Purchase a Fooca camera directly from the market.
  2. Mint a brand-new Fooca camera.

Apart from the initial Genesis Fooca camera we provide, if you want to create more cameras, you can only do so through minting and then sell them in the market.

You can mint a new Fooca camera by owning two Fooca cameras.

  • Minting does not make the original Fooca camera disappear.
  • Each camera can assist in minting up to 7 times.

Minting Steps:

  1. Select one of the cameras you want to use for Minting.
  2. From the bottom menu, choose 'Mint.'
  3. Choose another camera you want to use for minting.
  4. Mint a brand-new camera box.

Cost of Minting a Fooca Camera:

The more times you mint a Fooca camera, the higher the cost (in Food) will be. Please refer to the table below:

cameramint 0mint 1mint 2mint 3mint 4mint 5mint 6

Case 1
One Classic Camera that has not been minted yet + One Advanced Camera that has not been minted yet
:2050 + 2850 = 4900 FOOD

Case 2
One Classic Camera minted 1 time + One Classic Camera minted 2 times
:2600 + 3300 = 5600 FOOD

Probabilities of minting Fooca Camera box

When Minting Fooca cameras, there is a chance to obtain camera boxes of different rarities. Please refer to the table below for the probabilities:

camera 1camera 2Common fooca boxRare fooca box

Here are the probabilities for opening the Fooca camera boxes created through minting:

Fooca box rarityClassic fooca cameraAdvanced fooca camera