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The marketplace serves as a hub where users can engage in the buying and selling of their NFT Fooca Cameras, Fooca Boxes, and various Accessories. It offers a user-friendly interface such as simple filtering and sorting options (WIP) to enhance navigation.

Trade System

In the Fooday app, users have the ability to directly engage in trades related to Fooca Cameras, Fooca Boxes, and other Accessories within the marketplace.


At present, Fooca Cameras and Fooca Boxes listed on the marketplace are priced in FUSD (Fooday Stablecoin). While other Accessories and items are in the pipeline, they might support multiple currencies in the future.


To make a purchase within the marketplace, users can opt to acquire FUSD directly from within the Fooday app or initiate a transfer of USDC to their Fooday wallet. When depositing USDC, the FUSD Auto-Conversion mechanism will seamlessly convert the equivalent amount of USDC to FUSD at a 1:1 ratio.


Users can also list their own Fooca Cameras, Fooca Boxes, and Accessories for sale on the Marketplace. You have the flexibility to set your preferred pricing. Listing and delisting items can be done at any time without incurring any additional fees.


However, it's important to note that Fooday charges a nominal 5% handling fee on all successful sales. Upon the sale of items, you will receive the designated price immediately.