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Foodie Level

In Fooday, foodies with Fooca Cameras can earn Fudos by contributing, and their levels will also increase.

Currently, the highest level for Foodies is open up to level 50.The formula for the Fudos accumulated required to level up is as follows:

Required Fudos to level up:

Lv1 - Lv30 = Rounded {[(0.75 * Target level ^ 0.8)- 0.15] * 60}
Lv31 - Lv50 = Rounded {[(0.935 * Target level ^ 0.86)- 0.15] * 60}

Fudos serve as experience points on the Fooday platform. Foodies with Fooca Cameras can earn a certain amount of Fudos by completing tasks, creating spot locations, sharing culinary experiences, and reporting incorrect information.

Fudos to FOOD Multiplier

The Fudos earned by a foodie on a given day will automatically convert to FOOD after 24 hours on the next day at 00:00 UTC, without any manual action needed.

In the absence of any bonuses, the conversion rate of Fudos to FOOD is 1:1


On March 1st, if John accumulates 100 Fudos throughout the day, the system will convert his accumulated Fudos to 100 FOOD on March 3rd at 00:00 UTC.

However, the conversion rate is affected by the foodie's level. The settled FOOD multiplier formula is:

Multiplier = 1 + (Foodie level - 1)/100

For instance, at the current Foodie level of 6, the conversion rate will be multiplied by 1.05, meaning that John can get 105 FOOD.


Advantage of Higher foodie Levels: The higher the foodie's level, the better the exchange rate of Fudos to FOOD.

Foodie Level Achievement

Achievements can be obtained by leveling up your Foodie account through contributions. When a Foodie reaches a specified level, they will automatically receive an achievement and a title. Learn more at Achievement & Badge System.