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Energy bar

Energy is an essential element for Foodies when making contributions. Each contribution requires a varying amount of energy. You can check your current energy amount at the bottom of the page on the Fooday App.


Only with a Fooca Camera can you possess Energy, which is required for community contributions.

Fooca Camera Bonuses

Camera Quantity Bonus

The more Fooca Cameras you have, the more Energy your foodie account possesses, allowing for more contributions within a day.

Here's the relationship between the number of cameras and Max Energy:

Fooca cameraMax Energy
1 Camera6 Energy
3 Cameras10 Energy
9 Cameras18 Energy
15 Cameras30 Energy

Advanced Camera Bonus

Owning an Advanced Fooca Camera provides a direct bonus to your Foodie Energy. Each Advanced Fooca Camera increases your maximum Foodie Energy by +1. The bonus is cumulative, meaning that having X Advanced Fooca Cameras adds X to your maximum Foodie Energy.

Classic Fooca Cameras do not provide an additional Foodie Energy bonus.

For example:

If you have 3 cameras, including 2 Advanced Fooca Cameras, your maximum Foodie Energy would be

10 (Base Energy) + 2 (Advanced Camera Bonus) = 12.

Energy Consumption

Most contributions require energy consumption, and different types of contributions have varying basic energy consumption levels. Please refer to the following table:

ContributionsEnergy CosumptionBattery Cosumption*Max Fudos
Review4 Energy10% Battery45 Fudos
Create Spot2 Energy5% Battery15 Fudos
Update Spot1 Energy2% Battery3 Fudos
Report1 Energy2% Battery**Original Fudos value of Review/Spot

Energy Recovery

Once energy is consumed, it can only be restored over time, and regardless of how much energy you have, it will fully replenish within a day.

For example:

  • If you have 1 Camera with a total energy of 6, it will take 4 hours to recover 1 energy.
  • If you have 3 Cameras with a total energy of 10, it will take 2.4 hours to recover 1 energy, and so on.

:::Note Energy accumulates in your Foodie account, not on individual Fooca Cameras. :::