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Fooca Box

Currently, there are two types of Fooca Camera Boxes: the Genesis Camera Box and the Regular Camera Box.

The Regular Camera Box is further divided into two rarity levels: Common Camera Box and Rare Camera Box.

Genesis Camera Box

The Genesis Camera Box represents the first batch of camera boxes introduced by Fooday, and any Fooca Camera obtained from it bears the Genesis mark.

Currently, Genesis camera box were obtainable only through the pFOOD presale (ended) and initially in limited quantities on the marketplace.

Unboxing Probability

Genesis camera boxClassicAdvanced

Regular Camera Boxes

New camera boxes generated through minting will result in regular camera boxes. There are two types of regular camera boxes, as mentioned earlier: common camera boxes and rare camera boxes.

The difference between the two camera boxes lies in their unboxing probabilities. Please refer to the table below for the probabilities.

Unboxing Probabilities

Camera Box RarityClassicAdvanced

Foodies in the marketplace can purchase Fooca camera boxes that have not been unboxed yet or choose to directly buy cameras that have already been unboxed.