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Attributes and Battery life

Fooca cameras have four attributes: Compute, Quality, Battery, and Foospirit. These attributes determine the overall value, utility, and aspects that foodies prioritize:


For every level-up of Fooca cameras, you gain 2 attribute points.


Performing contributions like reviews, adding places, verification, etc., consumes energy. Computation is related to the energy points consumed by users on Fooday.

The higher the Computation attribute of Fooca, the fewer energy points are required when performing actions.


Quality determines how many Fudos users can earn from their contributions. The higher the Quality attribute of Fooca, the more Fudos users can collect in each contribution.

Quality attributes encourage users to provide high-quality contributions because they will be rewarded more for their efforts.


The Battery attribute determines how many times the camera can be used. If the attribute is lower, it needs more frequent recharging. Foodies can choose to upgrade this attribute to increase the camera's battery life, extending the lifespan of Fooca.

High battery life means Fooca cameras can be used more times with higher efficiency, resulting in more Fudos.


Foospirit affects the chances of users equipping Fooca cameras and gaining bonus events when making contributions, as well as the probability of casting rare camera boxes.

In simple terms, the higher the Luck attribute of the camera, the better it performs in events related to probability and luck.

Charging Fooca Cameras

Whenever the Fooca camera's battery level drops below 90%, the camera's efficiency gradually decreases.

If you don't want to waste time, remember to use FOOD to charge the camera promptly. The higher the camera's level, the higher the charging price.

Additionally, before upgrading or selling a camera, you also need to ensure that its battery is fully charged to proceed with further actions.